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Puget Sound Marketing Solutions is a full-service digital marketing agency, and we are here to provide our nationwide clients with premier solutions for their business. Below are some of the most common questions customers ask us about digital marketing.

Why do I need digital marketing when I’m already doing well with print marketing? 

While print marketing has several key benefits and applications, the need for a strong online presence has never been more important. It’s a must for all businesses today. Digital marketing positions your brand as a leader in the industry through well-executed services like SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, web design, and more. Thanks to technology, our tracking software makes it easier than ever to track ROI for your digital marketing campaigns.

What is an SEO audit? 

There are several components that work together to ensure a successful SEO campaign. When you come to us for services, we will provide you with a free SEO audit to review which aspects of your website are performing well for SEO and which need improvement.

What types of businesses do you work with for digital marketing?

The answer is simple; we work with ALL types of businesses. From local, family-owned shops to major corporations, and even franchises, we can provide unique digital marketing plans that work for your brand and your goals.

How do I know which digital marketing services are right for my business?  

We know how confusing it can be navigating all the different platforms for digital marketing. Our experienced team will walk you through all of our service offerings and determine which ones will help you meet your business goals. We offer everything from SEO and PPC to Facebook ads, so we can craft a completely customized solution for your business.

What sets you apart from other digital marketing agencies? 

Our dedicated team is composed of digital marketing professionals who have over two decades of experience in the industry. All of our team members are based in the United States, as opposed to offshore, which allows for same-day responses and excellent customer service. From SEO to PPC, our team understands how each component of digital marketing works together to produce real, long-term results for our clients. We also offer an industry-leading SEO performance guarantee, ensuring you see keyword growth each month, or you do not pay!

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