Geotargeting Focuses on Your Target Audience With Pinpoint Precision

Whether you’re running a PPC campaign or a paid social media campaign, geotargeting is a method used to refine your target market based on location. It allows advertisers to hone in on customers who either live in or frequent a specific area, by setting up their ads to display only in their preferred region. Depending on the demographic of the area you’re targeting, the content of the ad can also be customized so that your ad appeals to the audience in a specific area. More relevant messages that speak directly to the customer are more likely to transform into conversions. If your Seattle business is using PPC advertising, geotargeting gives your digital marketing campaign more bang for your buck.

Radius targeting is a type of geotargeting that focuses on consumers in a precise location. For example, if you sell from a storefront where much of your business is from in-person sales, then you can target a radius around your precise location. For people who are living in or visiting Seattle, geotargeting can zero in on them so your local business is front and center. When using geotargeting for a Google Ads campaign, timing can also be specified, to ensure you’re reaching your audience at the right place and at the right time, which even further refines your audience and increases the odds of conversions. 

With the right combination of location, content, and time-based targeting, your business will become locally relevant and your brand will be top of mind for your local clientele. If you’re ready to hone in on your target audience with geotargeting, the digital marketing experts at Puget Sound Marketing Solutions are ready to take your marketing strategy to the next level. Reach out to us today for a free consultation! We provide premier services to clients in Seattle and throughout the country.

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