Why Your Website Isn’t Ranking: 7 Reasons You Should Know

There are many reasons your website is not ranking. Some of these reasons are easily identifiable and easy to fix. Some can be attributed to external factors that no one can control. With that, here are the common reasons your website isn’t ranking on search engines:

1. Slow Site Speed

Search engines made it clear that site speed is an important ranking factor. Over time, search engines, such as Google, have made some site speed tweaks in the past month. Slow site speed will definitely cause your site to drop in the search results.

The reason is simple. You only have a few seconds to grab your visitor’s attention. If your website is slow and takes too long to load, most visitors will click away, never to return.

2. Site Is Not Mobile-Friendly

There is a lot of weight to the mobile-friendliness of a website. As more users are shifting to mobile, it is only logical to assume that mobile-friendliness is a factor in how your site ranks.

3. Lack of Content Quality

The content on your site has to be relevant, informative, and easy for your visitors to scan through. If the content on your site is not of quality, you’re not going to rank well.

Google is constantly crawling the web and evaluating how people interact with the content on your website. If you’re not giving your visitors what they are looking for, it is only natural for Google to drop your website in search results.

4. Unsecure Website

The website security of your site is of paramount importance. Even if you have a great site and great content, if your website is not secure, you’re not going to rank.

Search engines like Google have been working hard at eliminating all malware and malicious traffic from their search results. 

5. Improper Link Structure

One of the ways search engines rank a website is by how internally linked are the pages in a website.

A page with internal links will rank higher than a page with no internal links. Internal links make it easier to navigate a site without scrolling down to the bottom of every page.

If you have a site filled with numerous links, this may be why your site is not ranking as well.

6. Broken Links

Broken links are a problem that every website will eventually have. A broken link is any link that does not work properly to the intended page.

A good SEO specialist will check for broken links and make sure that all broken links are properly updated.

7. Poor On-Page SEO

No matter how many off-page SEO factors you may have, you’re not going to rank if your site doesn’t have the proper on-page SEO.

All you have to do is remember the basics of on-page SEO. It’s better to have several low-quality backlinks that all point to the same page than to have a link from a high authority site that links to multiple pages.

Start Ranking Higher on the SERPs

This post shared reasons that can be responsible for the poor ranking of your website. While some of these may seem obvious, many business owners ignore them. Let these reasons guide you to improve your search engine rankings.

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