4 Elements That Google Considers When Ranking Websites

Finally having your own website puts your business a step closer to being visible to users. All you need is a bit of organic traffic, and your revenue should start rolling in. However, maybe you’re getting cricket sounds for a good while instead.

Plenty of businesses’ websites fall short when it comes to getting internet users to click on them, and there’s a high chance that it’s because of a low SEO ranking. They don’t even really see the site, and that’s because search engines like Google might take a look at your site and choose not to recommend it to relevant searches.

It’s up to businesses to make sure that their website has elements to make their pages stand out more. Develop certain aspects of your site that you know Google considers when ranking. Hiring a digital marketing agency can help you refine your website and its components to make it more attractive. Keep reading to learn what Google assesses when ranking.

1) Impressive Content

Content is one of the top things that businesses are recommended to work on, as Google understands that there are more than millions of searches at every hour of every day. It’s important that the search results recommend relevant and quality content first to a user.

Aside from that, there are also other things that make content impressive to Google. Studies show how long-form content that offers more than 2000 words does well on the algorithm, making the site more credible. Mix it in with short-form content for the readers’ ease.

2) Organized Metadata

Google boosts up websites when the web pages and content have its metadata all organized. It doesn’t take long to add a meta title and meta description, and it definitely makes the difference when ranking all the sites.

Two things to note when constructing your metadata are the character count and the relevant keywords. The general rule for meta titles is to avoid exceeding 60 words, while the meta description shouldn’t surpass the 160-word mark.

3) Responsive Web Design

Web design is the biggest contributor to how good the site’s offered user experience is. Google takes into account when your website’s design is poorly executed, decreasing your ranking by quite a bit so that internet users wouldn’t be put off by it.

Try to adapt to that and have a responsive web design developed. The digital marketers you’ve hired should be able to come up with a web design that loads quickly and works on just about any device.

4) Optimized Media 

Textual content is very important to optimize, but that’s the case when it comes to visual content as well. Images and videos that have been compressed to a smaller size make it much quicker to load, which Google recognizes and recommends to users.

The alt tags of your media can also be edited so that searches that contain keywords would be easier to connect to the relevant image and video you posted. Simply add descriptive text on the alt tags for seamless optimization.


If you adjust these website elements or start introducing them, you can be surprised at the boost it gives to your SEO working. The landscape is constantly changing, so having an SEO expert provide you insight should allow you to overcome any shifts and keep a high ranking.

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