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John Koopman

Find Out Why Social Media is This Real Estate Agent’s Best Friend

By Kendra Toner

Look who has stepped into our Sound Business Spotlight…
Meet John Koopman! He grew up on a dairy farm in Washington State, and he is now raising his family in his boyhood hometown. John never thought that real estate would become his primary job, but it did when he started helping his dad sell some of the family’s farmland. He learned some of his tips and tricks through trial and error, and he is now sharing them with us. His valuable insights that all business owners and marketing professionals need to remember the importance of creating original content and never forgetting that customers care about what businesses can do for them are spot on. It’s our job as businesses to know our customers and not only clearly tell them what we can do for them but to deliver on our word. Sit back, read on, and learn how social media has played a pivotal role in John’s success as a real estate agent as well as some other key takeaways that we fully endorse.

PSMS: Tell us a little about yourself (Where did you grow up? Where do you live now? What are a few fun facts that you can share about yourself? What is your professional title?)
John: I grew up in Enumclaw, Washington, and I still call it home. As a real estate agent, I love taking stress off of buyers and sellers during the buying/selling process, and then seeing the joy and relief after process is over. I grew up on a dairy farm where we raised about 400 milk cows. I also grew up heavily involved in football and track throughout high school and college. I’m a Real Estate Agent.

PSMS: When you were little what did you want to be when you grew up?
John: Depends how little! I really wanted to create video games when I was really little, but up until middle school when I started getting involved in sports, I wanted to be a professional athlete.

PSMS: Tell us what you do professionally now and the name of your business.
John: I do a few side gigs, but my main source of income is a real estate agent. I’m managed under Person Real Estate Group in Enumclaw, WA.

PSMS: How long have you been working in the real estate industry?
John: 4 years

PSMS: What inspired you to choose the career path that you are on now and work as a real estate agent?
John: I actually started just to help my dad out, since he had a bunch of land from being a dairy farmer. I don’t think I planned on it every being my main source of income, but friends started calling so I started focusing only on my real estate career.

PSMS: We’d love to hear more about your professional journey including schooling, courses, types of training, mentors, certifications, etc. that helped you get from where you began to where you are now.
John: Nothing comes to mind other than just the basic real estate courses to become an agent. I’ve taught myself how to market, both in getting clients and marketing homes. But as far as certifications, I don’t have any. I actually went to college and got a degree in exercise science. But that didn’t offer too much opportunity after college.

PSMS: What challenges have you faced along the way, and how did you overcome them?
John: My first few listings, I sold the homes fast. But then I had a few homes that sat on the market a long time. This was very irritating to my clients and stressed me out. During a listing that I had on the market for about 50 days (which is a long time in my area), I dedicated a lot of time learning the ins and outs of marketing homes using social media. Once I launched a marketing campaign on Facebook and Instagram, this home had multiple offers within just 2 days (which doesn’t happen after a home has been listed so long). So ever since then, I’ve made sure to launch these marketing campaigns right away upon listing the home. And my listings now get under contract within a week of me listing. I rarely even bother with a real estate sign anymore.

PSMS: What advice do you wish you had been given when you were starting out in your career?
John: For selling, learn how to market a home through ads on social media. This not only helps getting your listing sold quickly, but it also helps get more listings, because you can show a prospect this marketing tool that very few agents use effectively or use at all.
For buying, get a website where people can search homes through your website, regardless if it’s the same as Redfin or Zillow. Also, on your website offer something for free that gives value to a buyer. I’ve used a “New Home Buyer’s Guide” which is a checklist that presents the process of buying a home. Then to receive it, these prospects must sign up via email. Now you have a potential home buyer and contact info to present them more helpful content in the future.

PSMS: How have you had to pivot your real estate business and your offerings in 2020-2021 given the global pandemic and subsequent changes to our day-to-day lives?
John: There’s less supply of homes on the market which means buyer’s will have a lot of competition when putting an offer on a home. I’ve had to get a little stearn with buyers by letting them know they really need to be confident with their offer and not afraid to go above the listed price. If you’re a buyer in today’s market, you can’t have any hesitation on making an offer.

PSMS: What advice can you share with other business owners on how best to grow their businesses and brands in the current economy?
John: Make sure you’re marketing yourself on the internet. Facebook and Google specifically.
Make sure you’re consistently putting great content out there that is ORIGINAL and benefits the reader. You need to keep people’s attention by focusing on who they are, their wants, needs, and desires. Remember, marketing isn’t about you, it’s about your prospects.

PSMS: What do you love most about being a business owner?
John: Freedom to work when I want and where I want. I have a family with 3 little girls. I love that I can work from home and be there for them at the drop of a dime.

PSMS: What are you most excited about with regard to the future of real estate?
John: If I could predict the future of real estate, I’d be a very rich man!

PSMS: What professional networks/groups are you a part of?
John: I’m in a few Facebook groups that focus on direct-response marketing. I like these groups because they have a major focus on the psychology of buyers. Then it’s cool to see which members are in your industry and find out what’s working for them.

PSMS: What do you read and listen to in order to stay up to date and continue growing as a business owner at large and an expert in your industry?
John: I’ve listened to the first 100 episodes of podcast probably 3 times. It’s by Dean Jackson and Joe Polish, who are 2 of the best marketers in the world right now. They could charge thousands of dollars for the info if they wanted. But it’s all completely free on the podcast.

PSMS: Do you have any parting advice or insights for current and future real estate agents?
John: Study direct-response marketing. Focus on the buyers or sellers and not yourself. Nobody cares how long you’ve been in business for or the color of your logo. They care about whether or not you can get them in a better place than where they are right now.

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PSMS: John, thank you for sharing part of your story with us. We appreciate the real estate tips and tricks that you offered up, and we wish you continued success!

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