Why Does Your E-Commerce Website Need SEO?

All businesses have one major thing in common: the need to market to customers and make sales. This applies to businesses in every industry, from plumbing and home contractors to retail stores and restaurants. SEO, or search engine optimization, is one of the key ways to build a digital presence and connect with customers interested in your products or service. If you have an online store and an e-commerce website, SEO becomes even more integral and here is why.

  1. SEO drives profitability: Without a solid presence on the search engines, customers interested in the type of items you sell, are not able to find you. When you have a strong SEO strategy though, users searching for your products on Google have a higher chance of finding your website and making a purchase.
  2. Organic traffic is one of the highest forms of traffic: Chances are, the majority of your traffic is coming in organically now and implementing a strong SEO strategy can help boost these numbers long-term. By optimizing your website for the terms people are searching for, you can help customers find you and engage them in purchasing from your e-commerce site.
  3. SEO is a cost-effective marketing strategy: Unlike other forms of advertising such as PPC or Facebook ads, SEO is much cheaper and produces sustainable results. While it takes time to build traction, the ongoing investment is more cost-effective than even a single month of running Google Ads.
  4. SEO has the best ROI of any marketing strategy: Since SEO is the foundation of a solid digital marketing strategy it produces the best ROI in the long-term. Keyword rankings continue to build month after month, and you only become more visible the longer you use it.

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