5 Common Local SEO Mistakes You Should Know About

Certain SEO factors influence the local search ranking of a website or company. Most of the companies fail to understand that and make a few common mistakes, resulting in business loss. Here is a list of top local SEO mistakes companies should avoid:

1. Targeting Broad Keywords

Local SEO is a customized local search strategy which means that the basic foundation of a local SEO strategy is to target the geographical location of a company. Failing to do so can lead to a loss in sales for the company. With that, geo-targeted keywords are more effective for local businesses than generic keywords.

2. No GMB (Google My Business) Listing

Being absent from Google My Business (GMB) page can directly lead to the loss of local customers. GMB listing is one of the most important factors as it takes a lot of work to rank a page on Google Maps.

Having no GMB listing makes it difficult for the local business to rank in local searches. Google is the search engine that people rely on the most, especially in local searches. In other words, having a good GMB listing increases your chances of appearing in the first results of Google maps.

3. Poorly Optimized Website

A website is one of the most important factors in local SEO. A poorly optimized website can directly lead to the loss of local customers. Most companies think that adding the phone number and address to the bottom of the page is the only strategy for local SEO. However, it’s not enough.

A well-optimized website makes your local business appear in the local pack of Google results. A user can easily find your business if the website is SEO-friendly and looks appealing.

4. Poor Mobile Optimization

Mobile optimization has become a vital factor as more people are using mobile devices to search for local businesses. Local businesses should give importance to mobile optimization as Google emphasizes mobile optimization more.

Having poor mobile optimization can affect your local business. After all, search engine results appear differently on mobile devices.

5. Poorly Optimized Content

Content is one of the most important factors for local SEO. Optimized content can boost your local business as it will definitely help you rank higher in local and organic searches.

A lot of companies assume that every person who comes to a website will sit and read all the content on the page. However, a vast majority of visitors only scan the page. So creating user-friendly content is important both for your users and the search engines.

Providing a bad user experience can lead you to a loss in customers. Moreover, providing irrelevant or outdated content can lead to a loss of customers, too.

Avoid These Mistakes

Local SEO is a strategy that can help you increase your bottom line. However, it’s not easy to rank a page in local search results. Local businesses should take care of the basics of local SEO by keeping an eye on these common mistakes. Invest in your local SEO, and reap the benefits through better leads and conversions.

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