PPC Campaign Failing: Click to Find Out Why and Solve It

With Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, businesses can display their products or services directly to potential customers. With the help of various digital marketing agencies, this approach can be an effective and profitable way to reach your audience. 

However, some PPC campaigns fail to meet their goals. If you’re looking to improve your PPC strategy, here’s why it’s probably failing and how you can resolve it.

Insufficient Impressions

Ideally, a PPC campaign would generate more traffic than a traditional SEO campaign at a lower cost. But if you don’t see enough conversions, that means that you need to review your keywords to find out which ones are converting over to your website. 

There are several factors to consider when choosing keywords: 

  • The number of searches conducted on those keywords 
  • The quality of the website that appears in the top search engine results

One of the biggest mistakes web admins make is targeting keywords based on how their business operates instead of how their clients or prospects would search for it. You need to conduct keyword research for your potential clients and study your competitors to determine what keywords they’re targeting. If you’re working with suppliers on this, ensure your digital marketing agencies have this down pat.

Few Click-Throughs

Click-through rates for the various keywords on a PPC platform allow you to know how you perform relative to others in your industry. While multiple factors may cause low click-through rates, the two main culprits are that people are not viewing your ads or considering them but disregarding them.

Solve those problems by:

  • Increasing your cost per click (CPC) and setting a higher bid will improve your position in the ad auction.

  • Writing compelling ad copy (the headline, description lines, and display URL) resonates with your target audience. The second cause of the low click-through rate is that ads may be effectively invisible and not particularly compelling, meaning that as many prospective customers as possible will not notice them and react with a click.

So Little Shares

Suppose you’ve determined that your ads aren’t appearing often enough. In that case, you can check your impression share for each keyword using your PPC platform to determine whether the impressions your ads are receiving are relevant to the keywords triggering them. 

Here are a few tips to improve your impression share when discussing with your digital marketing agencies: 

  • Make sure you’re bidding high enough for your ad to appear. If your impression share is too low, you’ll need to increase your bids to compete with other advertisers more effectively for ad space.

  • Calculate the average position of your ad across a set of search results to determine if some of them aren’t triggering ads from your campaign or if there are competitor ads. You may want to create a list of search terms that starts impressions of your ad and look at the average position across these search terms.

  • Lastly, match the text of your ad to the text of the user’s search query. If you can mention the keyword in your ad, go ahead. You can quickly test different versions of your ad to see which is most effective by using the Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising interface.

Produce Effective PPC Campaigns from Now On

PPC advertising is an effective way to reach customers, but only if you target the right ones. Be sure to spend time looking at the results of your PPC campaign and make the appropriate adjustments to get the most out of it. For better results, remember what we tackled in this article.

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