5 SEO Techniques You Shouldn’t Miss Applying in 2022

Working on SEO is not a one-time thing. SEO principles are dynamic and ever-changing. What might have worked before may no longer work well this year. Among other search engines, Google changes its algorithm a few hundred times a year.

Whether you will work things independently or work with small business SEO experts, it’s important to be knowledgeable. So, if you want to be on top of the SEO trends for 2022, here are some techniques you should focus on.

1. Focus On Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are what Google puts in the search results whenever someone searches for something. They are a great way to get more traffic for your website.

These snippets can be keywords and questions or the answers to long-form questions. For example, when you search for “how to build a website,” Google displays the answer in a box below the search results.

You can improve your chances of getting featured snippets by optimizing your content, providing the answers to questions that users are looking for, and improving your Click-Through-Rate through the right SEO techniques.

2. Build Up Your Backlinks

Backlinks are the main factors to your website’s success in search engines. It’s one of the most important ranking factors in Google. If you want your site to be seen in the search engines and have a high ranking, you need backlinks.

Google only shows websites that have a high number of authoritative backlinks. So, if you want your website to be seen in Google, you should put backlinks on your site.

However, don’t just focus on backlinks, and try to get as many as you can. Instead, focus on getting backlinks from the right places. The most important is that the backlinks should be relevant and high-quality. This ensures that the search engines index your site and rank it higher in their search results.

3. Follow the E-A-T Principle

The E-A-T principle is a ranking factor. To ensure that your site ranks higher in search engines, you have to ensure that it has “expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.”

This principle works for organic ranking, as well as for advertising. In organic ranking, you have to ensure that your site is credible, trustworthy, and has a lot of quality content.

4. Don’t Forget to Use Images and Videos

Google began using image search in 2004 and video search in 2010. They have also started using AI and machine learning, which is why video searches have increased by 100 percent in the last year.

That means that if you want to rank higher in Google and engage with your target audience, then you should use images, videos, and even GIFs.

5. Prioritize Your Website’s Core Web Vitals

A website’s core web vitals include the most important aspects of your website, such as its hierarchy, content, engagement, and load speed.

Google will use these vitals to determine the quality of your website and its trustworthiness, too. If your website is poorly done, then it has terrible web vitals. Good web vitals will ensure that your site is easily found in search results and has a high ranking.

Final Thoughts

SEO is a dynamic field, and it’s always changing. This is why you should always do your best to be up to date. Always be on top of the latest SEO trends to ensure that you can be on top of the search engines.

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