6 Ways Reviews Can Boost Search Engine Optimization

Gone are the days when keyword padding and optimized alt-tags were enough to obtain you prime SERP placing for preferred key phrases. Google is ever-evolving and consumer testimonials have fast come to be a critical part of SEO for organizations. If you’re not yet accumulating reviews, now is certainly the time to start.Today I’d like to share with why growing your positive customer reviews can benefit your SEO and raise your Google keyword rankings.

1. Customer responses = more key word phrases

You have likely never ever considered your customers as content developers, but after reading this, you just might.

Rather than seeing testimonials as comments alone, see them as content – that’s exactly how Google sees them, after all. Every time a customer leaves you a testimonial, Google is offered with fresh material to crawl. Be it excellent or poor, it’s most likely to have key words relevant to your service, product, solutions or even area. This assists Google in obtaining a clearer image of what your service does, allowing it to better place your website in the SERPS.

The knock-on effect? Usually greater positions for your target keywords (thanks to the key phrase density created in reviews) as well as a boosted CTR (clickthrough rate) as a result of a far better individual intent match.

2. Get a leg up on your competitors (& boost your CTR)

While your competitors focus their SEO attention on internet site navigating, coding and search terms, use testimonials and there’s a very good chance for you to get ahead of them.

Accumulating testimonials as well as installing keyword-rich content on your website will certainly change your listings in the SERPs. These fans of your business will certainly catch the eye and earn the trust of searchers and also attract them to your website. Another important point is that even though it is often easy for searchers to challenge claims made by the brand name itself, it’ hard to dispute reviews left by actual customers. Reviews = more brand name trust, which typically results in a greater CTR than your rivals, no matter what your current positioning is in the SERPs.

However, what does all this mean for Search Engine Optimization? Well, a greater CTR is just one of Google’s ranking variables. The key thing to remember is that the more visitors that go to your website, the more likely your website will be viewed as ‘popular’ by Google. As Google is obsessed with providing their searchers with the very best search experience possible, it’s most likely you’ll see a bump up in your positions and more traffic as a result of that.

3. Google reviews

Throughout the last 5 years or so of Search Engine Optimization, something has remained a constant: the significance of top-notch links. While it’s not web links from other websites, the links provided by customer reviews still give the Google algorithm more of what it loves. Google’s algorithm has been developed in a way of comprehending reviews just as searchers do. Positive reviews symbolize to Google – equally as a traditional website link would – that your website/product/business is of high quality and are, therefore, highly valuable.

It’s no coincidence that Google commonly shows businesses with high quantities of quality reviews first – all of it returns to Google’s intention to provide its searchers with the best search experience possible from start to finish.

Simply put, if you focus on providing great service to your customers AND consistently collect excellent-quality reviews following their customer experience, it won’t be long before you see your website at the top of the SERPS in Google.

4. Reacting to testimonials enhances interaction

While Google can often be fairly ambiguous when it concerns allowing us know the ins and outs of their ranking criteria, of late, it’s publicly made it known the important of collecting reviews AND replying to them. Google’s My Business Assistance Page states, “interact with clients by responding to testimonials that they leave about your service.” Replying to reviews shows that you value your customers and also the feedback that they leave about your business.

Replying to reviews boosts SEO in multiple ways:

  • Even more search phrases for Google to crawl.
  • You’re regularly connecting with your clients which could signal to Google’s algorithm that you have a fresh, frequently-updated site.
  • Responding to reviews promptly can influence customers to change a bad review, and even delete it, which will elevate your total review positioning and also could enhance CTR – one of Google’s ranking signals.

5. Real customer reviews effect bounce rates

As many webmasters and SEO specialists know, a high bounce price can really hurt search engine ranking positions. Well, suppose I were to tell you that 80% of website visitors are more likely to purchase on your website if reviews are present? Reviews make your website more engaging for visitors so they are more likely to spend more time searching your website. The outcome? A reduced bounce rate and greater Google rankings.

6. Advantages of reviews for local SEO

While it’s true that testimonials have an impact on every business’ SEO, for local rankings, they are crucial. This is mostly to do with the layout of local business reviews. As they have much less information than a conventional listing, reviews end up being a crucial indication of quality for searchers, as well as helping you to differentiate yourselves from your competitors. As 48% of individuals visit a business’s website after checking out positive testimonials, this uptick in traffic is a key Google ranking signal.

Adapt or get left behind. Search Engine Optimization is constantly evolving and obtaining a steady flow of customer reviews is very important if you wish to remain ahead of the pack. IF you are looking for solutions to automate your review management and generate more positive reviews, you can learn about Puget Sound Marketing Solutions’ Reputation Management services and schedule a call to learn how we can help your company.

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