Why Content Marketing is Essential for Effective SEO

A comprehensive digital marketing campaign must include a variety of services to be effective. SEO, or search engine optimization, isn’t a one-and-done service; rather, it’s a multi-faceted approach to gaining rankings on major search engines like Google. From meta titles and descriptions to content optimization and a user-friendly web design, implementing an effective SEO campaign for your Seattle business requires a strong content marketing strategy, in addition to a thorough understanding of how Google “thinks.” 

One of the most fundamental building blocks of a solid SEO campaign is the content on the pages of your website. By “content,” we mean the words that tell the story of your brand and the products and services your company offers. Well-written content isn’t just a convenient place to work in keywords, it enhances user experience, which is also something Google takes into consideration when ranking your site. The amount of content, or the word count, is also crucial. Google recently released an algorithm update that reduced rankings for sites that are low on content. According to Neil Patel, an industry expert who closely monitors these shifts, “Sites with thin content saw a roughly 3 times higher likelihood of being affected in a negative way than a positive one.” 

Google uses the content on your website to determine what your company is all about and whether you’re a reputable source for the products and services you provide. Content marketing services for your Seattle business are an integral part of a powerful digital marketing strategy, and essential to gaining momentum in your SEO campaign. When SEO is successful, your company’s website shows up at the top of search results, connecting you with customers and helping your business grow. 

Puget Sound Marketing Solutions can work closely with you to deliver quality content marketing services that work for your business in Seattle or throughout the U.S., from blogs and articles to social media posts and web page content creation. When you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level with expertly crafted content, contact us today!

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